As A Christian, I Have Something To Say To Other Christians

As a Christian, I have something to say to other Christians. But not to all of you. No, you should only have to read a few more lines to know if this article applies to you or not. You’ll know because if it does, this article should offend you. Or it will make you roll your eyes and dismiss the whole message. Or both. At any rate, what I have to say boils down to three words:

How. Dare. You.

Yes, how dare you?

How dare you say that God does not approve of feminism when young girls are having their genitals mutilated?

How dare you say that all divorce is sin when people, both women and men, are being abused by their spouses and feel like there is no way out?

How dare you cry persecution because a sign reads ‘Happy Holidays’ when Christians around the world are dying for their faith in Jesus Christ?


“So stupid,” some of you are thinking now. “She’s twisting my words, taking it to extremes. I don’t condone any of this.”

And you may not think that you condone forced genital mutilation. But if you condemn every woman who demands that she and her body be respected, then you do.

You may not think that you condone domestic violence. But if you tell every hurting spouse that they should just work harder and pray for their marriage to be restored, then you do.

You may not think you condone the persecution of Christians. But if you are more offended by someone wearing a hijab then by the brutal deaths of hundreds of Christians across the globe, then you do.

It is time for the church to have a serious reality check and start focusing on what matters in our fallen world. We all know that Jesus commanded us to love one another. And many Christians will say that they love sinners even as they turn their backs and condemn them. However, as the Bible says in James 2:17, “In the same way, faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action, is dead.” If faith without action is dead, then so is love. I cannot claim to love people as God commanded if I do not show them compassion.

It is not my job to shame an unmarried pregnant woman for her decisions. It is my job to ensure that she finds a judgement-free church community in which to raise her child.

It is not my job to decide if a person was justified in leaving their spouse. It is my job to provide support and encouragement as they heal from the past.

It is not my job to ban anyone who isn’t Christian from my life. It is my job to love them even while I disagree with them.

Anytime I began to judge someone for their lifestyle, I remind myself that I do not know what they have been through to get to that point. Even if I think I know them, I will never know their whole story. Only God does. So rather than criticize them, I will find a way to love them. Because just maybe, all of these people desperately need a Savior like I do. And just maybe, by a follower of Jesus showing them a little kindness, they might accept Him.

And if you are reading this and you are not a Christian, ask yourself if you disagree with how Jesus lived His life or if you just disagree with how other Christians are living theirs. If it’s the second option, I get it, I really do. And I wish I could tell you that not all Christians are like that, that some of us aren’t jerks because we live like Jesus did. But I’d be lying if I said that. Because the truth is, we are all really, really messed up. Just like the rest of the world. The only difference is that we know our Savior and He is slowly but surely making us more like Him. I don’t believe I am better than the rest of the world because I am a Christian. However, I do believe that I am unconditionally and insanely loved by the One who has overcome the world.

And as for the Christians who look down on the world, remember that the people who killed Jesus were not prostitutes and tax collectors.They were the religious elite, who thought they had everything about God figured out and that Heaven was reserved only for those who agreed with them. The devil tries to deceive us by saying that we must hate what is different from us, that anything or anyone who is different is evil. But as Christians, we know that God is love. And love is what we must stand for in a world full of darkness.



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